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Healthy cooking

In Reception we have been enjoying using our kitchen to cook delicious food. So far we have made Teddy Bear Biscuits, Fairy Cakes and Pigs in Blankets. We are learning how to prepare ingredients, follow a recipe and best of all, eat what we have cooked! In Reception we have been enjoying our cooking sessions. The children chose from a

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Charity Second Hand Book Fair

To celebrate International World Book Day the Cambridge House children donated books for the annual second hand book fair which raises money for The Malima Project, a Project supported by the school that provides education to children in the village Gouria, North Cameroon. This year, 1900€ were raised, ammount that will pay for the running of the Malima school for

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      The weather is getting really hot so our youngest students are keeping cool with lots of water play. The children have enjoyed bathing the dolls and washing their clothes in the bubbles. The next important job is to peg their clothes on the washing line to dry in the sun. It can be tiresome work sometimes for

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Pirates in Reception

The children in Reception have been busy working on our week´s topic about Pirates, getting ready for our school trip to Cullera. We have been reading stories and singing songs about pirates, and the children have been drawing treasure maps, playing with the pirate ship pretending to sail through a thunderstorm, making plasticine pirate paraphernalia and writing pirate words.