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      The weather is getting really hot so our youngest students are keeping cool with lots of water play. The children have enjoyed bathing the dolls and washing their clothes in the bubbles. The next important job is to peg their clothes on the washing line to dry in the sun. It can be tiresome work sometimes for

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Learning outdoors

The children in Reception love outdoor learning and working in the playground has helped them to develop their self-confidence and social skills throughout the year.  They have conversations and plan what they will do together, and they work out ways to share the toys and take turns.


During our afternoon Physical Development sessions the Reception children have enjoyed playing games with the giant parachute. One child goes under the parachute, on all fours, and another child does the same on top. Then the child on top has to find the one underneath. All the other children shake the parachute to  make things harder. We love this game!

Let’s get Messy!

The Nursery and Reception children had great fun getting down and dirty in Messy Play Day! They participated in activities with gloop, shaving foam, spaghetti soup and much more. They also had enjoyed the water and played with bubbles. We had so much fun!