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Pablo started Cambridge House in September 2017 and fitted into the Cambridge family straight away. He was quick to make friends, join activities and impressed his teachers with his excellent potential as a student.

Not only is Pablo a great reporter and journalist, but he is also very skilled in the world of Information Technology and has been working hard on the online version of The Bridge. Also, he has managed to gain a spot in the Maths Y8 Delta class. Pablo likes to be kept busy and I´m sure we´re going to see him involved in more areas of the production of The Bridge next term.

Marina is a Year 9 student, but will leave KS3 to move into KS4 to start her IGCSE studies next term.

Marina is a talented writer and her speciality is reporting on Arts and Culture. Not only is Marina a keen reader of modern fiction, but she also likes listening to music, theatre, and sing or dance when she gets the time.

Most of us know that Marina is a very creative person, and we might just get to see some of her style coming through the design work in the next edition of The Bridge.

Fingers crossed!

Jake is currently in Year 8. He has an interesting background as he is both Spanish and Australian.

Jake really enjoys getting out in the field to do his journalistic work and is great at reporting on what goes on around Cambridge House. His charismatic and approachable manner makes him great at interviews. Good on ya, mate!

Jake is an animal lover and a big fan of dogs. In his spare time, Jake likes to hit the basketball court.

Jo is the Chief Editor and Team Manager of the magazine, but is also involved in writing articles and helps out with the graphic design.

She works as a secondary English teacher and has been a part of the Cambridge House family since 2009. Jo lives in Rocafort, and you might see her out and about in the afternoons or on weekends with her two small children, often in the local parks.

In her free time, Jo likes to disconnect from her busy schedule with Yoga. She also enjoys being in the kitchen and can bake a mean carrot cake!

Jose is the Designer and Publisher of the magazine and is also responsible for the Web Development of our online version of The Bridge.

He  joined Cambridge House in September 2017 as a secondary teacher of Information Technology and Computer Science and has made a fantastic impression on all of us.

Jose is mad about technology, and he is a big fan of rock music, but on Sundays, he likes to switch off his computer, turn down the speakers and go for quiet walks in the mountains.

Rebeca is a Year 5 teacher and the Primary Publisher for the magazine.

She loves her job but her passion is art. She loves drawing and making things with her hands. That’s why she also likes baking… and eating cake and biscuits! Rebeca lives in Ruzafa, in the center of Valencia, and she really enjoys singing and playing guitar in her band, Thecla.

When she can escape her busy family life, she loves going to the cinema and having long discussions about films with her friends.

Agustin is our Early Years and Year 1 Publisher and a Year 1 teacher. Agustin is the one who has been at Cambridge House the longest, as he is in fact an ex-student.

Those of you that know him will know that he´s got  a great sense of humour and is a bit of a joker. Agustin enjoys photography and is a musician.

He also loves food, and his favourite food is fuet.

Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

The CH Magazine Team proudly present the new edition of the Cambridge magazine, The Bridge.

This is our second issue and we have been working on making improvements to the first, adding new sections and improving the overall design of the articles.

We want the magazine to be seen as a symbol of the school´s identity, and with this in mind, we have designed a new cover, which has been created using a drawing by a Cambridge House student. In this number, Elia Artiguez has done an impressive picture of a bridge up the river. Thank you Elia!


In addition, we would like to remind readers that we will continue to publish an online version of the magazine, in which you can see all the articles with more photos and also download a copy of the magazine in pdf.

Finally, we would like to say that we hope you enjoy reading this new edition.

CH Magazine Team


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