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To celebrate International World Book Day the Cambridge House children donated books for the annual second hand book fair which raises money for The Malima Project, a Project supported by the school that provides education to children in the village Gouria, North Cameroon.

This year, 1900€ were raised, ammount that will pay for the running of the Malima school for a whole month!

The children ejoyed choosing their books from a great selection, and read them later in class.

The Charity Second Hand Book Fair is a great opportunity  to promote a love for books and reading, and for the children to buy good books for a small ammout of money.

The Malima Project was founded 19 years ago, by Cambridge House Community College teacher Judith Burnett. It started off with one classroom and thanks to the money raised in events like the Charity Second Hand Book fair organised and supported by Cambridge House and other sponsors (mostly Cambridge House parents, teachers and children) it continued growing and developing.

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