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On 11th  of  June the magazine team and some other secondary students visited a company known as EDEM.  EDEM is a company where they train business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs and aim to develop leadership skills. Cambridge House students had the chance to take part in a graphic design workshop .

We were welcomed in the stunning reception area by Alvaro Ruiz and Elena and then taken to the computer room. Alvaro gave an introduction about EDEM and what they are doing.

Then, Elena began the course. It was really interesting and the students learned a great deal about the concepts of magazine design. The graphic designers on the Magazine Team will be applying this knowledge and these skills to the design of the next edition of The Bridge, so watch out for its exciting new look in the first term of the academic year 2018-2019!

Elena also talked about the use of typography and how it can be implemented into graphic design and about use of colours and how to make an appealing combination of them.

After the talk, the students had approximately 30 minutes to work on a school article using the skills and ideas they had learned during the presentation. One of the most interesting things was implementing their ideas using the publication software they used.

All the students were really impressed with this course! They hope to return to the EDEM in the next academic year!

By Jake Samuel Barton

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