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Year 9 have been studying Shakespeare’s tragic and emotive play Romeo and Juliet. They read selected scenes and learned to read between lines and find the hidden meaning in Shakespeare’s language. They learned old English vocabulary and learned how to infer information. They looked at literary devices such as: emotive language, hyperboles, metaphors and learned how to explain what effect they have on the reader. Some students were given scenes to act out and created props to help them with their presentations. We asked some of our students what they think about the play and how they are developing their work in class.

“I find the play truly interesting and ideal for people our age.” said Elia Artíguez.

“In my opinion, I like the way we are alternating between reading the play and watching the film as we get some contrast in the way we work so we the reading doesn’t get too heavy.” stated Lucía Real.

By Marina de Velasco


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