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A Guest Speaker

On 29th January, Mr Navarro, the owner of the health store Navarro, came to give a talk about nutrition to Year 7 students. He told us about organic products.

He explained what organic means and outlined the advantages of eating organic produce. He also talked about superfoods and the dangers of eating sugar.

At the end of the presentation, Mr Navarro donated the prize of football tickets for the Valencia versus Barcelona match for the winner of a Year 7 PSHE competition in which students designed healthy menus and recipes.

The winner was Anji Samtani. Well done, Anji!


A Healthy and Yummy Lunch

As part of a PSHE healthy eating project, Year 7 were given the task to invent a nutritious three course lunch or dinner. The PSHE teachers then chose some of these dishes to include in Cambridge House staff lunch.

On 23rd February, Year 7 students took turns to go the kitchen with Asli and Donna and the other PSHE teachers to prepare and cook the food. The lunch included hummus, guacamole, chicken, salmon and vegetable wraps, vegetarian quinoa, and a berry and oatmeal smoothie to finish.

The teachers and our special guest, Mr Navarro, had a great time and complimented the students on their fantastic cooking skills. It was a lovely experience for everyone involved!

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