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The 8th March was International Women’s Day. For centuries women have been living in the shadows of men but the last few generations of women have spoken out and taken a stand against the lack of equal rights and opportunity.


Many men have joined this very worthy cause called feminism to achieve social, political and economical equality of both genders. There is a very wrong myth that feminism is about females and man-hating. The truth is sexism affects both sexes for example men aren’t able to cry in public without being labeled as weaker or less of a man. Women are considered bossy when they take leadership roles. These myths are the complete opposite of what feminism stands for.


Feminism = Equality. Men and women should join this fight to achieve a better world.


The women’s march took place on 8th March to take a stand against the many inequalities that we experience every single day. It was very encouraging to see women and men from all around the world join the cause and fight for equality.


Finally we would like to ask you what was the last sexist comment or sexist thing that you witnessed? And did you stand up for women?

By Candela Monrabal, Mariam Furjani and Paula Seguí

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