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La Tourné Teatro came to our school to perform Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow is about a headless horseman that went to Sleepy Hollow to find his head.

“In the smal village of Sleepy Hollow, strange events are happening, as legend has it that a rider with no head appears through the woods. A young detective will move there to investigate the intriguing events and will live a wonderul adventure in which, among other things, will find love”

All students from year 7 to year 9 and the years 10 and 11 IGCSE Drama students came to enjoy this performance. It was beautiful with some music and a very good story.

The actor’s names were Ria, Nathan, Scoottie and Betty. After the show, they answered the questions the students asked to them.

The IGCSE students got some useful practical tips to help them with their performances.

It was a lot of fun!


By Carla Martinez, Lucia Ortí and Lily-Mae Hendy

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