Dear readers,

The CH Magazine Team proudly present the new edition of the Cambridge magazine, The Bridge.

This is our second issue and we have been working on making improvements to the first, adding new sections and improving the overall design of the articles.

We want the magazine to be seen as a symbol of the school´s identity, and with this in mind, we have designed a new cover, which has been created using a drawing by a Cambridge House student. In this number, Elia Artiguez has done an impressive picture of a bridge up the river. Thank you Elia!

In addition, we would like to remind readers that we will continue to publish an online version of the magazine, in which you can see all the articles with more photos and also download a copy of the magazine in pdf. Finally, we would like to say that we hope you enjoy reading.


Thanks to all those people who have been working in this magazine.

Without you it would never have been possible!

Magazine Designer, Publisher & Web Development

José Vicente Esteve Soriano

Chief Editor and Team Management

Jo Quilliam

Primary Publishers

Rebeca Roth

Agustín Camino


Pablo Mestre

Marina de Velasco

Jake Samuel Barton


Adriana Roldán

Violeta Cubells

Pablo Martínez

Paula Llorens

Lucía Cheesman

Antonio Cerchez

Nuno Moreno

Daniel Tasker

Tomás Lázaro

Carlota Bordils

Adriana Spagnolo

Daniela Company

Niclas Rethwilm

Marta Abad

Violeta Fontestad

Lupe Cortés

Patricia Font

Elia Artiguez

Gonzalo Herrera

Teacher Collaboration

Julie Burman

Ruth Tadina

Rob McLane

Pilar Bellés

Asli Marengo