The CH Magazine Team is proud to share with you the new magazine’s number of this 2017-2018 course.

In this case, we have been preparing this web and a offline version you can download to read in PDF format. 


Thanks to all those people who have been working in this magazine.

Without you it would never have been possible!

Magazine Designer, Publisher & Web Developer

José Vicente Esteve Soriano

 Editor Chief & Team Management

Jo Quilliam

 Primary Publishers

Rebeca Roth

Agustín Camino


Pablo Mestre

Marina de Velasco

Jake Samuel Barton

Johanna Soria

Andrea Soria

Sofia Zapater

Eva Alonso

Candela Mataix

Daniela Alcalá

Mira Icgoren

Paula Ripoll

Joaquín Berenguer

Candela Monrabal

Paula Seguí

Mariam Furjani

Carla Martínez

Lucia Ortí

Lily-Mae Hendy

Claudia Barrera

Claudia Castells

Claudia Barbero

Diego de Gracia

Lucía Cheesman

Marta Solís


Lucía Masip

Amanda Burgess

Jorge Calabuig

Marta Redondo

Collaborator Teachers

Jennie Ku

Kirsty Singleton

Landy Menzies

David Bocking

Kevin Lane

Rob McLane

Donna Ohanlon

Emma Green


Laura Gaspar

Carla Martínez

Lucía Ortí