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To be an educational community with an International outlook led by enthusiastic professionals who thrive on the joy of teaching; developing high quality education to prepare our students for innovative challenges in a homely and warm atmosphere.

OUR MISSION (What we strive for):

To develop in each student the values with which we identify ourselves as a school; providing each one with a broad and rounded education which enables them to reach their full potential.

To maintain our emphasis on creating a nurturing home-school environment which cares for the well-being of everyone in our family community.

To invest in the on-going development of teaching,services and facilities.


Enthusiasm kindness community spirit curiosity perseverance

Summer School

Matrícula Abierta verano 2017

Ya puedes matricularte en el curso de verano o crea tu curso para este summer school...


The Bridge

El periódico del colegio

Consulta nuestro periódico "The Bridge" del curso 2016-2017


CH Internacional

Campamentos y colegios en Inglaterra - Matrícula abierta

Campamentos de multiaventura en inglés en el sur de Inglaterra y colegio inglés en la zona de Brighton conviviendo con familias inglesas.