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Partnership with the University of Nottingham

Since September 2009, PGCESpain has worked with the University of Nottingham. The University's Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) is a part-time programme of professional enrichment designed for teachers working in countries other than the UK.  The PGCEi is a Masters level award and is focused on the improvement of individual teaching practice through critical reflection and action research.

It offers on-line provision of teaching, tutorial support, advice and guidance, online texts and video resources, and access to the University of Nottingham's on-line IT and library facilities. Upon successful completion of the course, the university invites students to a graduation ceremony in Nottingham. More information about the University of Nottingham's School of Education can be found here.

Saturday School

Curso 2017-2018

El día 30 de septiembre 2017 de 11.00 a 13.00 estarémos en colegio a vuestra disposición


The Bridge

El periódico del colegio

Consulta nuestro periódico "The Bridge" del curso 2017-2018


CH Internacional

Campamentos y colegios en Inglaterra - Matrícula abierta

Campamentos de multiaventura en inglés en el sur de Inglaterra y colegio inglés en la zona de Brighton conviviendo con familias inglesas.