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While it is a system of self-defence and all-encompassing body workout, karate also promotes values congruent with the family unit and success. It is an environment that promotes respect and courtesy. It teaches a student to become more disciplined, more patient within themselves, and encourages humility above ego. As karate is an individual activity there is no losing, nor is there any pressure of ?letting the team down?. As such, a student may focus on developing at his or her own pace. And seeing themselves getting better, more skilled, fitter, stronger, more coordinated etc., week-after-week, their self-confidence grows.

Benefits of Karate
- improves physical and mental health.
- builds self-esteem.
- strengthens self-confidence.
- develops balance.
- develops agility.
- improves coordination.
- and improves flexibility.

In a dojo (training hall) every member and teacher alike must show courtesy to one another. It is this courtesy that is not, however, limited to just the dojo but should be a part of all karate students nature. Karate is not just a mastery of the skills they are taught but of developing into a good and honest member of society.

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