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PGCESpain offers you the chance to study for a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (International) (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham while undertaking a practical teaching element in British training schools in Spain. The course is suitable for graduates who are interested in embarking on a career in teaching, and also for graduates who may already be involved in education but who have not previously obtained a teaching qualification.

Since September 2009, PGCESpain has been offering a teacher education programme in partnership with The University of Nottingham. The PGCEi course comprises four study modules taught mostly online through a dedicated Virtual Learning Environment with a university tutor assigned to each student. Please check the University of Nottingham website for further details about the course. PGCESpain is responsible for the practical teaching element of the programme and organises placements in English-speaking/British schools all around mainland Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands. Trainees have been welcome from several other countries in Europe, including Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy and even the UK, with the attraction of the international dimension of the course. PGCESpain is proud of its success, with trainee teachers securing teaching positions in countries around the world and as far away as China and Australia.

Trainee teachers are helped through the practical element of the course with mentors who provide regular support and advice. The course caters for all specialist subject areas and both primary and secondary age ranges.

PGCESpain has been offering a PGCEi course all around Spain, since 2007, including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and Valencia, with the majority of graduates now in full-time employment in British schools in Spain.

Trainee teachers attend two face-to-face weekend seminars in September and January. The three course tutors travel from the University of Nottingham every year to run the two weekend courses and trainees appreciate the excellent preparation they receive prior to commencing their teaching practice and written assignments. The trainees are always impressed with the quality of the tutorial support, the tuition and the amount of published materials provided by The University of Nottingham both as handouts and online. Each trainee meets his/her tutor during the first of the two preparatory weekends and continues to receive support throughout the 34 weeks. PGCESpain also has a full time dedicated support service.

In order to keep expenses to a minimum for the students attending the seminars, PGCESpain provides free accommodation and food throughout the course. Students enjoy two 48-hour ´university style´ residential weekends at the beginning of the course; they have close contact with each other and are able to communicate freely on a dedicated forum, sharing their doubts, worries and success in class with the friends they have made during the two workshops.

CPD Courses 2013/15

Since its inception PGCESpain has organised seminars around Spain, training over 200 new teachers and 20 new teacher mentors in schools throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

One such seminar took place in the British Council School in Madrid. Experienced teachers already working in the school took part in a mentor training weekend run by professional trainers from a British university, who travelled out from the U.K to run the weekend course.

The teachers enjoyed the seminar, which was PGCESpain´s third such training weekend. The course was free and lunch was provided for the delegates. Two previous training seminars took place in the International School of Madrid. Cambridge House Community College, Valencia, also provided mentor training for a further 50 teachers.

PGCESpain is committed to developing Continuous Professional Development and increased career opportunities to teachers throughout Spain, working in British and bilingual schools. They offer advice to trainees regarding correct contractual arrangements and aim to support professional teachers throughout their careers.

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