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Houses in Primary

In KS2 each child becomes a member of one of the school teams - 'Houses'. The School Houses are named after Valencian cultural figures: Benlliure the Sculptor, Escalante the Playwrite, Sorolla the Artist and Blasco Ibañez the Writer.


The KS2 children get merit points for good work, making an effort, good behaviour and for helping others. For every 25 merits they get a certificate. They begin by working towards the ´Blue´ certificate and aim to get the ´Cambridge´ certificate by the end of the school year.


The House system provides leadership opportunities through the creation of Year 6 House Captains. Each merit point is recorded on a chart, displayed in the classroom, and are counted each week by the House Captains. Every Friday, in the KS2 assembly, the House Captains announce the merit points awarded to each House and the House's coloured ribbon is tied around the trophy and applauded.


The House system is also used for the KS2 Sports Day and various quizzes and activities which take place throughout the year.


The children very quickly feel part of their House and this motivates them to work and behave well. They are eager for their House to be praised and are very proud of their team's achievements.

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