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Rhythmic gymnastics provides a multitude of benefits for children. This sport combines coordination, agility, flexibility and art; may be accompanied by various devices. It is one of the Olympic disciplines and recently the Spanish team has achieved excellent results in the European Championship.

In addition to the physical benefits listed above this activity also offers other important benefits for our students regardless of age, ability or physical condition. All of this is achieved in a fun filled way within the school environment.

These benefits are:
- Musicality: the gymnasts will be exposed to a variety of musical styles that will provide knowledge and appreciation of music; they will be taught to make the moves to the beat of the music.
- Self-confidence and self-esteem: all children, regardless of their physical ability feel good reaching individual goals that they work towards during the course.
- Social interaction and teamwork: gymnasts learn to work together and create routines and sequences. Being part of a team sport promotes respect, companionship and can generate strong friendships.
- Concentration: performing the exercises in this discipline will require some concentration.
- Aesthetics: rhythmic gymnastics is considered an artistic sport; Gymnasts with the use of music can communicate an idea or story to more advanced levels.
- Childhood obesity and cholesterol: gymnastics stimulates blood circulation and the respiratory system, helping to eliminate fat. It is a good technique to combat childhood obesity and childhood cholesterol problems.



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