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Eventos Solidarios

- Proyecto Malima -

Throughout the year charity events take place at school.

At Christmas we hold the second hand toy fair when we ask children to donate toys they no longer need and then bring some money to buy themselves some of the donated toys. This is a very exciting day for the children, as you can imagine!

We hold the annual Valentines disco in February. The children are allowed to come to school in their party clothes and participate in the disco with all their friends.

In April we have the second hand book fair which works in the same way as the Toy Fair.

We also sell tickets for El Gordo lottery at Christmas and usually manage to sell 4000 tickets!

This along with our child sponsorship programme provides practically all the running costs of our primary and preschools in Cameroon as well as the secondary grant system. This year we are sponsoring the education of almost 500 children and young people.

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