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How can I enrol my child in the extracurricular activities?

Download the necessary registration form/s from the school website and send them by email to or take them to the reception desk.

How do I cancel my child's enrolment in an activity?

All cancellations need to be given in writing and either sent by email to: or handed in at the reception desk.

How do I pay for activities?

You can pay in cash or through your bank account. If you have chosen the second option you need to write this on the registration form.

When do we have to pay for the activities?

Payment can be monthly or termly, by the first ten days of every month or every term. In cases where payment is made through the bank the payment will be withdrawn on the following dates:
- 1st term / 10th October
- 2nd term / 10th January
- 3rd term / 10th April

When do the activities start and finish?

The activities start on 1st October and continue until the last day of school in June.

Can I reclaim the money if my child does not attend the activity?

The only time that money is refunded is when the teacher cannot attend the activity on that day. Some teachers may reschedule the activity if possible but not all teachers are able to.

How do I know if my child has been enrolled in the activity?

All the children are enrolled the moment we receive the registration form. We will send an email the week before the activity is due to start if we do not receive the minimum number of children required for the activity.

What is the minimum number of children required for each activity?

The minimum number of children for every activity is 10.

Can my child attend an activity, such as judo, karate, rhythmic gymnastics, football etc., for just one day per week instead of the usual two days?

Yes, but an inscription form needs to be completed stating the day they wish to attend. The price for this activity is 60% of the usual activity cost.

Can my child change activities during the same term?

No, changes during the same term are not permitted. It is essential that we explain to the children that the decision they make for activities each term is important, that they should stick with that decision for the whole term, and not change their mind rashly. We do this to encourage the children to be consistent and also to ensure minimal disruption during the term.

How do I know that my child has attended the activity?

Every activity has a register where attendances and absences are recorded. Parents will be informed if their child does not regularly attend the activities.

What does my child need to take to the activity?

Judo y karate: kimono y belt. In the first year the children wear white belts. In the following years the belts change according to the child's level.
Rhythmic gymnastics/Ballet: children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 wear pink jerseys and leggings with white socks. Children in Y3-Y6 wear black jerseys and leggings.
Football and Pre-sport: the coaches bring the sports equipment needed. During the first couple of weeks any new children can order the team kit required.

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