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Introduction to sport

It is a formal activity for children from an early age to start enjoying the world of sports. In this activity students gain many benefits both physical and psychological through a multitude of games and different sports.

There are many benefits that this activity provides children:

- Encourages teamwork and camaraderie.
- It helps to discover each child's skills and abilities in different sports.
- Can overcome shyness and promotes self-esteem.
- Helps build discipline and sense of responsibility.
- Increases coordination and concentration.
- It improves motor skills.
- Increases muscle development.
- It helps to achieve a stronger, balanced and flexible body and a mental state.


Internship programme

Work experience in Spain

Cambridge House Internship Programme is an opportunity to improve Spanish language skills and to gain experience in the working world.


The Bridge

Our school newspaper

Editions of "The Bridge" newsletter for this new academic year 2017-2018.


CH Internacional

Campamentos y colegios en Inglaterra - Matrícula abierta

Campamentos de multiaventura en inglés en el sur de Inglaterra y colegio inglés en la zona de Brighton conviviendo con familias inglesas.