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What is Ballet?

A popular extracurricular activity is ballet or classical dance. Ballet is considered one of the performing arts. It is a dance technique with remarkable difficulty because it masters concentration throughout the body as well as flexibility, muscular coordination and musical rhythm. For this reason, it is recommended to start practicing ballet at an early age (about 3-4 years) to internalise and start (automate) their movements and technical steps. It should be noted that classical ballet is the basis of many of the dances and it is a suitable complement for good placement of the body.

Ballet offers positive benefits to those who practice it, both physically and psychologically because it combines physical exercise with an artistic discipline.
- Obesity and cholesterol: Ballet stimulates blood circulation and the respiratory system, helping to eliminate fats. It is a good technique to combat childhood obesity.
- Psychomotor and muscle development: Exercising coordination, agility and balance movements ballet helps with muscular and psychomotor development in the children. It helps to correct and prevent bad posture.
- Corporal expression, hearing and memory: Ballet involves planning movement sequences which also involve integrating music and feelings.

As a special feature, ballet can help correct flatfeet as the children spend much of the class time in an arched foot position.
Among the benefits of ballet it should be noted that on a psychological level ballet is a rigid exercise. It involves the acquisition of a physical and mental discipline in children and this often has a positive impact on the formation of their personalities. Like the children's theatre and other performing arts, ballet is an activity that helps improve self-esteem, overcome shyness and promotes the socialisation of the smallest, while releasing the expression of feelings and sensitivity.

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