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An increasingly popular extracurricular activity is modern dance. Dance is synonymous with joy, an act that can significantly mark different times of our lives. Although it is a discipline that has been around for many years, it is now requested by popular demanded in schools and academies since the advent of reality shows and TV series such as Fame Let's Dance, Glee and games like Just Dance.

We started this extracurricular activity not only for its current popularity but also for the many benefits that dance provides to children and young people:
- Encourages teamwork and camaraderie.
- Can overcome shyness and promotes self-esteem.
- Helps build discipline and sense of responsibility.
- Increases coordination and concentration.
- Develops imagination and creativity.
- Develop a sense of musicality, rhythm and musical ear.
- It improves motor skills.
- Increases muscle development and good posture.
- It achieves a strong, balanced and flexible body and a mental state.
- Includes other cultures and ways of expression and thought.

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